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Leave your email or chat with us

The first step

What challenges do you have?

Our first talk

What would you like to change: More members, a better web experience, easier event ticket handling or cutting costs on administration?

Try a DEMO

If you haven’t already, you and the club administrators can take a tour of the software. We have a demo you can try out.

The decision

At this point in time, you should be ready to make a decision to upgrade your game. Typically the board and administrators make these formal decisions quickly.

Accept terms

We enter into a formal agreement of servicing your sports club with our software. This is described in our terms, and you automatically accept them, when you start using Athliit.

Next (takes less than a day)

Getting set up

You can do everything yourself

We promise it’s easy, and if needed you can easily find help in our Help Center or via chat.

...or have us help

We’ll help move all the data and content you wish to bring from your old system. And we’ll help redirect your club domain name.

Set up payments in minutes

You’ll set up a Stripe account so you can accept a variety of credit cards. For this we need your IBAN number, which you’ll typically find in your netbank.

Migrate your members

We migrate all your members and their data, either from a spreadsheet or directly from your old system. We’ve made it easy.

Final step (less than 2 hours)

Getting ready to launch

Review all content and links

Details matter. Together we check that everything looks fine and works.

Let staff and members know

We help you communicate which benefits people now have access to before launching.


All that’s left is to press launch, and you’ll go live. If people have questions, we’re ready in Support.

We'll check-in with you

After launch, we’ll regularly check-in with you to hear how things are going. Monthly, we automatically invoice you any service fees, you have collected from payments.

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